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The 4th e-payment and Innovative Financial Inclusion

26 - 29 November 2017 

Pafix 2017
Welcome to the 4th edition of PAFIX MEA’s leading expo & forum, focused on innovative financial inclusion , payments & transaction, retail banking technology,cyber-security and Fintech

Over the past three years PAFIX has become a major platform to analyze and catalyze new areas of opportunities and cutting edge technological solutions to overcome persistent challenges and prepare Egypt and MEA region for the next generation of financial inclusion


PAFIX  2017 Key Highlights and Themes

"Innovation, Disruption and Collaboration"

Digital Financial Innovation

The Fast Lane To Financial Inclusion

Two billion individuals and 200 million businesses in emerging markets today lack access to savings and credit, and even those with access can pay dearly for a limited range of products.

Rapidly spreading digital technologies now offer an opportunity to provide Innovative financial services at much lower cost, and therefore boosting financial inclusion and enabling large productivity gains across the world economy. Under the slogan “Digital Innovative Financial Inclusion  financial policymakers, financial institution and technology providers will discuss and closely understand how to well-manage the use of digital Financial Innovation platforms to boost financial inclusion.

Digital Financial Innovation has the potential to provide access to financial services for 1.6 billion people in emerging markets, more than half of them women. It could increase the volume of loans extended to individuals and businesses by $2.1 trillion and allow governments to save $110 billion per year by reducing leakage in spending and tax revenue. Financial-services providers would benefit too, saving $400 billion annually in direct costs while sustainably increasing their balance sheets by as much as $4.2 trillion.

future banking

Redesign/Makeover/Overhaul : The future of banks and banking

How will the future of banking in MEA shape up? 

High level speakers will discuss in significant panels the all aspects of innovation in banking "from evolutionary to revolutionary" based on trends and methodologies.How the market leading financial institutions are reshaping their strategies and  adopting innovation agendas to be a part of the disruption instead of being disrupted


MEA Fintech Regulatory Outlook

 Most regulators across the region  are focusing  on  adopting  innovation, and digital financial inclusion while  improving security and widening access to financial services and payment solutions. An  ongoing challenge that requires foresight, planning and alignment at a domestic, regional and international  level. While still in its infancy, the wave of regulatory partnerships and collaborations are becoming instrumental to the success of FinTech ecosystems across the region.

Pafix panels will focus on getting the government and regulators to listen to the private sector,innovators and stakeholders  and to take action to protect the credibility of the financial services sector without hindering the Fintech market  growth


Open Banking PSD2- A new disruption that will change banking as we know it !!!

PAFIX  2017  panels  will take a glimpse to the future to analyze the impact of PSD2 on MEA's Banks and how shall they embrace it.
Banks will no longer be competing only against other banks,but everyone licensed to offer financial services.

PSD2 enables bank customers, both consumers and businesses, to use third-party to manage their finances. Soon, you may be using Amazon ,Facebook,Paypal or Google to pay your bills, making P2P transfers and accessing your financial data, while  your money still placed in your  bank .

For banks, PSD2 poses substantial economic challenges. IT costs are expected to increase due to new security requirements and the opening of APIs.9 percent of retail payments revenues are predicted to be lost to PISP services by 2020

Towards a cashless society

"Digital, Wearable, Mobile and Plastic"  

Technology Providers ,Financial Professionals, Government and Regulators all gathered under one roof to crack the payments market puzzle and draw Egypt's road map towards cashless society.


Cyber Security

PAFIX 2017 will focus on how financial institution can effectively manage security risks and reduce fraud while adopting new innovative digital solutions . The panel discussions will include cutting  edge identification and authentication technologies case studies and implementations, such as  advanced bio metrics , encryption software and algorithm-based technologies .

future banking

Banks and financial institutions

E - commerce platforms and service providers


E - payment and m - payment platforms and service providers


Payment technology providers

Retail service providers


ATM machine manufacturers

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